5D Stone Imitation Paint

Item No.: ZCS6001
Imitate imported marble texture and effect; 5D imitation stone paint adopts natural microcrystalline stone and water-based polyoxy resin water fusion technology. Form irregular pattern of imitation imported marble texture and color.

Applied range

Inside and outside the building,cylinder,concrete,calcium silicate,plaster board,resistant board,wood,PC board,composite board,metal plate, partition,ceiling.

Product characteristics

1.Pure water-based formula, complying with environmental protection requlrements, no pollution of radiation.
2. Vivid granite marble effect, simulation rate up to 99%.
3. Performance of high weather resistance, waterproof, anti-cracking, anti-ultraviolet radiation. anti-tamishing, washing resistance, acid rain resistance, no peeling, no fading, and unique features of high self-cleaning.
4. Easy construction, varieties of colors, single gun spray, one gun with different colors.
5. Stable quality, with a life span of more than 30 years.

Matters needing attention

The construction temperature should be between 5 C to 35°C. Do not apply this product mixed with other materlals or other branded products.


Product parameters


Construction Process

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